Saturday, 12 January 2019

12th January 2019 Current Affairs: India’s longest single lane steel cable bridge

The chief ministers of five states, Utter  Pradesh, Rajasthan, Utterakhand, Delhi and Himachal Pradesh are signed for the Renuka multipurpose dam project in the Upper Yamuna Basin. The Project on  which river?

Answer:-     Giri river (Yamuna tributary), Srimaur (Himachal Pradesh)

Name the project of India’s first manned space flight and its second mission to the moon. The mission to space by 2022.

Answer:-     Chandrayaan 2, Cost: 800cr, Weight: 3,290 kg

Nepal central bank will not accept the high denomination of Indian currency notes. Name the central bank of Nepal?

Answer:-     Nepali Rashtra Bank.

Who is the interim director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)?

Answer:-     M.  Nageshwara Rao.

Meera Sanyal passed way at her south Mumbai residence. She is ?

Answer:-     Former country head of Royal Scotland and activist.

Who has been resigned as  the NSE chairman?

Answer:-     Ashok Chawla.

The Reserve Bank of India has slapped  a penalty of 3crore on the City Bank India for not complying
with fit and proper criteria for directors. Headquarters of the Bank is…..

Answer:-     Newyork,US

Name the bank which is sign with Kia Motors for its finance and banking solutions?

Answer:-     Yes Bank.

Andhra Bank approved the Andhra Bank Employees Stock Purchase Scheme 2018. Who is the MD and CEO of it?

Answer:-     J.Packirisamy

Indian Army going to sign  with which bank for the defence salary package?

Answer:-     Punjab National Bank.

The government of India allows Pasargad bank to open its branch in Mumbai. Where its headquarters?

Answer:-     Tehran, Iran.

Where was organized the 6th women of India Organic Festival in India?

Answer:-     Chandigarh.

Where was the 1st India-Central Asia Dialogue started?

Answer:-     Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

Khelo India Youth Games, Pune

  • Maharashtra Girls team win gold in U-17 and U-21 relays(4*100)
  • Kerala (Boys) win the Gold in U-17 and U-21 relays.
  • Divyansh Singh Panwar:--Men’s U-17 air rifle (Gold)
  • Dhanush Srikanth:-- Men’s U-21 air rifle event (Gold)

The chief minister of Arunachal Pradesh was launched the India’s longest single lane steel cable bridge over Siang river. What is the name of the Bridge?

Answer:-     Byorung Bridge.